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    Terraforming Waterfalls

    Was playing around and tried building a path across the top of a waterfall to avoid running back and forth. Got large jagged rocks to appear next to me with each 'step' across the water. It's at the top of marlette (sp?) if you want to take a look.

    Basically when you raise terrain near a waterfall the terrain seems to glitch and make this huge rock appear next to you.

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    Re:Terraforming Waterfalls

    It’s not really a bug. If you dig a hole that is lower than a water source, and then connect the hole to the water source, the hole will fill with water.

    If you dig through a river bank and connect to surrounding land that is lower than the water level a ‘wall’ if formed to keep you from flooding the entire area.

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    Re:Terraforming Waterfalls

    Fair enough but i'm not lowering land I'm raising it

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    Re:Terraforming Waterfalls

    Sounds a little different than I was thinking, what's the location?

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    Re:Terraforming Waterfalls

    zone 941

    I think what you described is exactly what is happening actually looking at it. What I am doing is raising the water level so close to the waterfall that it is triggering the rock so that everything below the waterfall does not get flooded. Might just have to move the 'terraformable' terrain back a little from the waterfalls.

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