Hello everyone! I went inactive in mid-april I believe, and then I announced my return (which was not taken too friendly by a certain someone) and then my computer broke. Couldn't even turn it on without the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. I managed to get a hold of a laptop (which I am using now) and can play Xsyon with acceptable FPS so I am going to attempt a necromantic ritual and bring this Tribe up from the dead. Here is a copy pasta of my original post, PM me if you want to be off the members list.

The Toxic Brotherhood will be a neutral tribe. Our goal is to gain power, respect, and honor in the world of Xsyon.


The Government will be composed of one main section (the "Trunk") with smaller "Branches." The head of the tribe can make any law he wishes, except it will only be in effect for 10 days unless the leaders of the branches vote it into permanency. After the 10 days have worn off, he can not call that law into effect for 2 weeks. This 10 day period allows time to see how the law affects the Tribe and the 2 week period allows for unwanted laws to not be repetitively called into effect. The leader can remove any permanent law he wishes, although the leaders of the branches may veto this decision with a 2/3 majority. Each branch may have its own laws, but every branch has to follow the laws of the Trunk, and no branch laws may contradict the Trunk laws.


The "constitution" of this tribe will be an honor code, which must be followed at all times and any disobedience towards these laws will have heavy consequences. The laws are as followed:

1. Never kill a member of the tribe, unless it is a formal duel.
2. Obey and Respect those above your rank.
3. Never steal from the Tribe
4. You may attack who you wish, but the declaration of war is at the decision of the Trunk
5. Do not grief other players.
6. Security of the Tribe above all else
7. Honor above all but the Tribe.
8. Individual members represent the Tribe, so think before you act.

Building up the Tribe

First of all, I do not want this tribe turning into a zerg, so once we gain a good amount of players willing to play the game for a while we will start to have try outs. Also, before we get enough people to have the government function properly we will have a temporary government in place. In the government the tribe leader and maybe another person will control the tribe until the actual government can take hold.



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