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    Happy Birthday !! !!! !!

    Okay, I have to let the cat out of the bag, and say:

    Happy Birthday Jooky !! !!! !!

    Jooky is now 102 years of age, aging quite nicely if you ask me ^.^

    Well hope to see others wish him a nice one - hope it wasn't a secret :P and that the night at least can give you a break to enjoy a moment of peace.

    Have a good one.

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    Re: Happy Birthday !! !!! !!

    Happy Birthday Jooky!!

    Isnt it 13 September his birthday? Today its only day 12...

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    Re:Happy Birthday !! !!! !!

    Happy Birthday, So is this 9-11, or a 9-12 birthday? Looks like the post was made on the 11th.

    Did you at lest get to have some birthday cake :unsure: , And 8 hours sleep for you birthday? :P

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    Re:Happy Birthday !! !!! !!

    Grats Jooky, hope you enjoyed 'your' day. :cheer:

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    Re:Happy Birthday !! !!! !!

    Actually, it's tomorrow but he is having a combined B-day with his dad today so he is going to be taking a day off...finally.

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    Re:Happy Birthday !! !!! !!

    I made the post early, get people commenting and hopeful by the grace of the Forum Gods, he didn't read it till the day

    And FYI, its the 13th today, so happy NZ Bday :P

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    Re:Happy Birthday !! !!! !!

    Happy Birthday :cheer:

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    Re:Happy Birthday !! !!! !!

    It's tomorrow, but thanks everyone!

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    Re:Happy Birthday !! !!! !!

    a better way to put this comment would be:

    Xsyon wrote:
    It's tomorrow :angry: , but thanks everyone! :S

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    Re:Happy Birthday !! !!! !!

    ah well, sorry for the to early wishes, but after L.A. has now just changed the day if my world-clock is right, let us bring out a toast and raise our glasses to wish you (and your dad) a healthy, lucky and not at last creative and successfull year. cheeeeers.

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