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    Xsyon, The World 12.09.2010

    From my blog
    I know most of you all ready know all of this, But wanted to let you all know what I am putting out there for all to read. If you find that I got something wrong, plzs let me know what it is and how it should be. Thanks

    I wanted to do a fast little blog about the world of Xsyon. The first thing you have to know, Is that there has been a rift to another reality and the world we play in may not be the one we was born on. For prelude we start off in an area of the United States of America, Lake Tahoe area is where it will start. Later on, We will start see other areas pop up from all over the world. How we will be able to go from one place to the other is unanswered for now. Also our playing area is controlled a lot like Fallen Earth, If you have played FE you know what I am talking about. If not, Here is how they keep you in the playing area. It's a fog, Unlike FE you can some what see this fog in Xsyon. I only see a greenish tint. But then as I have said a few times now, My little laptop does not have the specs for this game. But any way, If you go into this green fog, You will start dyeing. For me, It's a lot better to deal with fog than to just run up to an invisible wall.

    NOTE: Xsyon is not live yet, So we still don't have every thing in-game or turned on yet.

    Xsyon has four real seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. With weather effects like Rain, Hail, Sleet, and Snow, That snow will accumulate. They say that the weather conditions will affect player actions and item durability. But if that's in-game now, I have not seen it do too much to me. But then I have not had a toon stick around for more than a few weeks at a time.
    The game has a realistic sun path with shadow casting .Also a realistic moon cycle with moonlight casting. This is cool, Because if your close to the lake. It's a lot more bright from the moon light bouncing off the lake. Reflective and refractive rivers, lakes and waterfalls. The night sky has an accurate star map and constellations, And the clouds is said to have a volumetric and dynamic layered cloud system. I just think it looks cool. It's also said that we will soon see creatures react to adverse and favorable weather. Bears going into caves to hibernate in winter type of thing. Along with a lot of other stuff the terrain surface affects your movement as well. Your not going to run up that hill at top speed. Hill will slow you down, So will snow, Remember me saying that little thing about accumulating snow. Yea, That slows you down. In this world players can build roads, clear, level, raise and lower terrain. Our starting off playing field is 120 sq km, gradually expanding to a 1200 sq km area and beyond as the game goes on. If you know any thing about them, Xsyon has Speed Tree 5.1 and Speed Grass 4. Which means it looks really really good. Trees and grass move with the wind and I have not seen it yet, But trees grow back if you leave the stumps.

    I would say that creature are part of the world so here is a little about them when it comes to the world. There is no set creature spawns or re-spawns. Animals multiply based on the current creature population. Creatures can overrun areas or be depleted. they also gravitate towards different areas based on mood and weather. There is a lot more about creatures that I could talk about, But I am wanting to try to keep this more to just Xsyon world.
    Here is whats not on the brochure, Xsyon is full of mountains, streams, woods, and wild life. Lake Tahoe is huge and beautiful to just look at. I think there will be a great need for boats of some type to cross it.
    Being able to manipulate almost any thing you see is freaking awesome. With the terraforming tool and with skill you can create waterways, If you build it right and connect it to a water source the water will flow into your waterway. You can move the land to make it look the way you want it to. This will be great for planing out towns, yes there will be tribe made camps, towns, and maybe even city's.
    When going out to hunt, It's not like, Lets go to Point A where there is a spawn point for Creature B the way you do in most MMOG. Here there will not be any set point for any of them. The creatures have their own life and they will do whatever they do. It's up to you to go find them. So hunting may be more like hunting, Than let's go kill X amount of Y for quest Z.

    All this and the game is still in beta test, There is still a ton of stuff to go in-game.

    Alik Steel

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    Re: Xsyon, The World 12.09.2010

    Nice read.

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    Re:Xsyon, The World 12.09.2010

    Thx for this.
    It is a good read for new users like me to get an idea about the game.

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