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    Window mode too big

    I think the window mode is vertically too big, as it hides the windows taskbar. I think the whole point of playing in windowed mode, is to be able to access things like the taskbar still. Perhaps giving the option to maximise the screen in windowed mode would solve this, as that usually makes the window snap into position?

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    Re:Window mode too big

    This all depends on your screen and game resolution.

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    Re:Window mode too big

    I am running 1920x1080@60hz on both. I tried going down one size in the game options, which set it perfectly for height, but I then had 2inches either side of the game screen.

    So if Im running my vid card at 1920x1080, and I set the game to the same, it should show me the task bar in windows, but it currently does not.

    The monitor is a 24" if that makes a difference to you, ATI HD5770.

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    Re:Window mode too big

    Your Windows screen resolution includes the Task Bar. If Windows is running at 1920x1080 and you create a window that is 1920x1080 then it will fill the entire screen and cover the Task Bar.

    Unless you're suggesting the game should calculate the size of the Task Bar and subtract that from the game window height...if that's even possible.

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    Re:Window mode too big

    This is exactly what Im suggesting. A windowed mode should allow the window to be maximised (I think we all know what this does, no need to explain), but currently we cant. So it covers the task bar. If the maximise option were there, we wouldnt be having this conversation. But window mode should be different from fullscreen mode, hence why its window mode.

    Am I explaining this right?

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