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    Silly question perhaps.....But for the life of me, can't find any info on this anywhere...How do I drink ingame?

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    Open your resource window from your toolbar (bottom right) and walk into some water. Youll see water in your resource window, click and it will make you drink.

    Missed you in IRC, had you have still been there now, would answered you there

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    also, make sure you arent on the road, as no water resource will appear in your window. Move away from road.

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    About drinking, I feel like it takes too many dips into the water to fill up your thirst meter. Does anyone else feel this way? Perhaps giving greater returns on water/thirst transfer is an option?

    I've noticed the same on food, but as cooking is not yet added I'll wait to see. Plants give virtually no nourishment as of now.

    Just wondering if anyone agrees or if I am by myself.

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    I think once water containers are implemented, the current rate of hydration (for lack of a better word) will be pretty good how it is.

    With food, if you go fishing, you will find some types of fish will almost completely restore your hunger meter. Berries cant be expected to take care of a big hunger, unless you eat lots of them. Just my 2 cents.

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    Okay, didn't know about the water carriers. That would make it much less of a hassle. About the food, I understand that they shouldn't completely satisfy and I'm okay with that. I don't mind the food so much as it is.

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    Water does seem to take a bit but since it is really easy to find this could be the reason.

    Fish and other food take a bit more effort to find.

    FYI, Huckleberry oak restores hungry pretty well too.

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    I could go for less redundancy on the drinking time meter of repetition of actually having to do it over, and over... Its just water you know... It takes away from the game immersion..

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    If you put a bit of thought into the future expansion of the drinking system, it may be that other drinks yet to make it into the game will quench your thirst faster. Asides from the buffs other drinks may give, it could require less. For that matter, it will also consume some time to create.

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