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  1. #1 got it wrong, I think

    inferno3387 gave us a link to it

    I was about to leave a comment, But thought I better make sure I got it right before I did. So Xsyon is a apocalyptic MMO, And not a post-apocalyptic MMO, Right?

  2. #2 got it wrong, I think

    You’re correct, it’s an apocalyptic MMO, not post-apocalyptic.

    From the first line on the front page:
    “War has destroyed life as we know it. The Apocalypse is at hand!”

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    Re: got it wrong, I think

    Technically it is after the apocalypse as the war is not going on at the time of playing. We are playing in the aftermath of the war. They missed out the post (ie after the actual apocalypse)

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