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Thread: Wheres my game?

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    Wheres my game?

    I Pre-ordered this game about 5 months ago and still haven't received any notices, updates or the game. wtf?

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    Re:Wheres my game?

    hello Mataca. You did not receive an email with download instructions at any point? It should of been instantaneous.

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    Re:Wheres my game?

    no i havent received an e-mail regarding my download instructions

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    Re:Wheres my game?

    That is very odd. I will see to it that you get an email and I will PM you with the download link now.

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    Re:Wheres my game?

    Hello Mataca,

    I received your email through our support system last week. The email you signed up with has been on our list and was sent various updates.

    The email you wrote me from does not match what we have on record. I sent you three emails to the address you wrote me from and the one we have on record.

    All emails bounced from the email you had as your return address.

    Please contact me via PM with an email that we can add to our list.


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