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    Character Customization

    Are there any plans to add more options to the character creation? Like diffrent races, or more faces to choose from?

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    Hello Myeadon,

    I am sure you really do not want hear this but, keep in mind this game is still in Beta. The reason I say that is anything is possible when in Beta. For example I have seen whole combat systems redone in games, and even a graphical overhaul in other games.

    WIth that being said, the way I see it is sure there will be more options for "Personalizing" Characters. I also feel as of current, there are too few options to really make my character(s) stand out. I would also have to say that it is a good thing you bring up something like this. They can use this information to benefit the game as a whole.

    Like I said, I do not see it being an issue, and would say there will be more options very soon or at least soon enough.

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    Re: Possible

    there will be more faces at some point, its just not a priority right now.

    As for personalization you will eventually be able to do tattoos and at some point maybe different hair cut styles...but that won't be for a long time.

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    Re: Possible

    Oh don't tell them that! I was liking me being the first .... oh can't say that that's to much information!

    Argh to open up a shop and have everyone love my work! Customisation will be possible, and something in which I've never heard in any other type of game.

    Sweet the leet

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