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    new installer question (when we get it that is...)

    When the new installer is released. Does this mean we need to download and install the game again?

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    Re:new installer question (when we get it that is...)

    Going to guess no. I believe there are just changes to the patcher so you need to reinstall it.

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    Re:new installer question (when we get it that is...)

    Yeah from what I gathered no. But that is not to say it wouldn't be worth just reinstalling and clearing out all the old folder. I noticed as with most games sometimes old files linger and cause more issues then they are worth.

    On the other hand I wont be reinstalling until I go through my yearly OS delete/reformat/reinstall.
    Nonetheless it is up to you.

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    Re:new installer question (when we get it that is...)

    Xsyon wrote
    Update October 5

    We are still moving things from the old servers to the new. We're almost there and have been testing the updated launcher on the new download server.

    I have a short list of issues we need to fix before the update and I'll get these done today while our final source files are being moved and we make sure that we're not forgetting anything. We have a lot of data and backups that need to be taken off the old servers.

    As soon as things are ready for the public update, I will email everyone.
    Are you leaning towards tonight, or should I not linger and just wait till tomorrow? I know you have no way of really pinpointing a time, but what is your best guess?

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    Re:new installer question (when we get it that is...)

    Leaning towards tomorrow.

    We're moving all of our source files and making additional backups, so it's taking a long time. The team in Russia is asleep now, so I will be wrapping up a few things today, then we'll test tonight when the team is around, make sure things are solid and create a list of known issues before we release the new installer.

    This update will be a full reinstall.

    We fixed a problem that was corrupting files if you aborted or lost connection during the 'processing packs' part of the update. Also, there are many new and modified files (many are just resized or optimized). It makes more sense for everyone to start with a fresh install. The new installer will delete old files automatically if you don't uninstall first.

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    Re:new installer question (when we get it that is...)

    The info that I wanted to know. Thanks!

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    Re:new installer question (when we get it that is...)

    With a big update, character wipe, database wipe, and terrain wipe. I can't imagine NOT doing a complete uninstall reinstall for a more stable client.

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