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Thread: Xsyon Update

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    Xsyon Update

    There was a post on the Xsyon Announcements page that had updates for the new build coming out today.. And now its gone?

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    Re:Xsyon Update

    they are looking at patching it tomorrow now bud

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    Re:Xsyon Update

    It's still there. Are you able to see the Citizens area?

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    Re:Xsyon Update

    Strange.. It comes and goes. But I can't see it now.

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    Re:Xsyon Update

    Can you see it now?

    There is a glitch with these Kunena forums that resets your status sometimes when you change any of your information.

    I've corrected this with your account. Please check to see if you can view the Citizens area now.


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    Re:Xsyon Update

    Thanks works great now.

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