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Thread: Just curious...

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    Just curious...

    Xsyon wrote: 1 week 1 day ago

    Done for Next Update:
    Tribe creation panel.
    Totem placement and tribal zones.
    Human right click menu.
    Basic woodcraft.
    Item materials and colors. This transfers color and material to crated armor. (most noticeable with cloth armor).
    Social panel additional functions.
    Player vs Player and vs animal collision.
    Combat swings and hit adjustments.
    Combat stationary attacks.
    Movement and jump improvements.
    Final terrain baking process.
    Terrain boulders and caves.
    Speed Tree performance optimization.
    Character rendering performance optimization.
    Collision with world objects (buildings, boulders).
    Corrected set of hairs for when worn under helmets.
    Additional Guide commands to help players.
    Many minor bug fixes.

    Simple ping display.
    Corrected male heads.
    Levelling Up.

    No visible effect, but good for the future:
    Inventory system revised to allow for a non slotted system.
    Player and creature data saving system revised.
    Terrain editor improvements.

    Coming Soon:
    Current zone name display.
    Game Manual.
    New forums and account back end.

    Player looting.
    All creatures in game.
    Tribe rank creation and assignment.
    Tribe quest system.
    Continued terrain fixes and changes.
    Since you have had some extra time, meaning it took longer to get control of the server then planned. I know you said you were doing some internal testing and such, but did anything else get added or moved from the "Coming Soon" section to the "Done for next update" section ?

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    Re:Just curious...

    Also, is this update coming today?

    Curious as well.

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    Re:Just curious...

    All you people are pests.

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    Re:Just curious...

    So is your mom



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    Re:Just curious...

    Including U!!!

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    Re:Just curious...

    Update September 27

    As posted in my last Server Update, the word from the server hosts is that we can start moving to the new machines early this week. No news from them today.

    We've been cranking on getting a lot of features and fixes ready though.
    I spent the weekend further revising the inventory system to hopefully eliminate the problems caused during lag once and for all.

    We adjusted combat to account for individual ping rates and that seems to be working well.

    We've added a few things such as crafting rank helmets and items that can be used as currency.

    If our server hosts delay this move much longer, I will patch out the current update without waiting for the server move. I'll see what the status is tomorrow.

    That's all for now. I'll post another update tomorrow.

    hope this helps. Also, Jooky mentioned in game that they added the part where character's reach is proportionate to height.

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    Re:Just curious...

    oh yay, so we can expect to have a ton of Supergiants running around... Great.... Wonderful.. Super...

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    Re:Just curious...

    EDIT: removed comment, as it didnt add to conversation constructively

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    Re:Just curious...

    Player looting will be in and a few minor additions that were suggested, such as an option to invert the mouse.

    Other things we're working on will be patched out very soon. I want to test what's ready first before I add too much at once.

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    Re:Just curious...

    Oh noes.... Player looting.....

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