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Thread: Installer speed

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    Installer speed

    Is the new installer downloading from the new server site?

    I am getting great speed, way better then the few times I downloaded from the old site. 2.71Gb down'd in right around 30 minutes.

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    Re:Installer speed

    1.1Gb/ 2.7

    Was doing really good but just slowed a bit

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    Re:Installer speed

    Yes, we are on all new servers now.

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    Re:Installer speed

    Soooo sloooooow.

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    Re:Installer speed

    Looks like about 800kb for me

    1.92Gb now

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    Re:Installer speed

    maybe someone can make a mirror for me? :side:

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    Xsyon Citizen Gamefreak's Avatar
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    Re:Installer speed

    I can't connect to the patch server for some reason, help?

    Dark Hand of Valor (, PvP King

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    Re:Installer speed

    Amazing new speeds! I'm guessing roughly 1.2 megs a second. So roughly 45 minute download time for the 2.71gb as opposed to about 22 hours the last time! big improvement!

    I really wish I wasn't going out now

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    Re:Installer speed

    Gamefreak wrote:
    I can't connect to the patch server for some reason, help?

    new installer

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    Xsyon Citizen joexxxz's Avatar
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    Re:Installer speed

    So far I downloaded 1Gb. hmm. kind of slow for me.

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