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Thread: Features list

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    Features list

    Just to clear some things up, the features tab shows all the features they want, but are they in the game currently?, or is it just like a wish list as to what they want?
    IMO it all sounds way to good to be true especially from release, but if they even got half of those in it would surely still be a very fun game. And yeah I just joined these forums. Hello

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    Re:Features list

    All features listed are at least 80% complete and will be in at release.

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    Re:Features list

    You are positive of this?

    Oh you are admin.

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    Re:Features list

    hopefully the features are ingame, if not then damn be with them.

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    Re:Features list

    A features list that list REAL FEATURES?! *faints*

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    Re:Features list

    shadowlz wrote:
    A features list that list REAL FEATURES?! *faints*
    It pisses me off how most other games just list features they want or ones that sound cool which they can never pull off. I’m hoping this wont be one of those games.

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    Re:Features list

    Developer Answered Questions:

    cpuser asks:

    On Xsyon's official release date, currently April 15, 2010, will ALL of the features listed on the Features Page be in the game or will some of the items be added at a later date?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    All the features listed will be available on the Prelude launch date.

    The exception is the section titled: Evolution. Those features will spring up during the Prelude this summer.

    inferno3387 asks:

    Does the game include a latency/ping meter?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Yes, we have this.

    Bartillo asks:

    Well As I understand the game will launch with one server.. Where will it be located? eastern europe? western europe? NA? China? lol.

    Just would like to know what my ping will be like from NA.

    Virtus (Community Manager) responds:

    Chicago, IL

    to find out your ping roughly:

    Start > run > type cmd > type ping

    This will roughly tell you what you in game ping might be. I don't know how accurate it will be but it will give you a general idea.

    inferno3387 asks:

    What is the IRC login information?

    Virtus (Community Manager) responds:
    port: 6667

    or you can use

    Stofio asks:

    How long has this game been in development?

    With an April 15th Launch date i was just curious.. especially considering i never heard about this game until today (thanks to a forum post on MMORPG)

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Yes, about 2 1/2 years in development though it took about 6 months to solidify the current team and a lot of the work during the first few months was scrapped.

    The intial game was designed as "Apocalypse" over 10 years ago.

    Sique asks:

    Will player characters ever die or have to be "retired" due to age? If so what sort of system is in place to deal with that? Will a retired character give some of his knowledge to offspring in the form of alternate characters or will there be no need to ever worry about death or "retirement"?

    Xsyon Dev Response:

    Yes, they will, but it's going to be a while before players need to worry about that.

    Characters currently age at the rate of 1 year per real time month.

    Prelude characters will start off relatively young. They are a new generation, the offspring of Apocalypse survivors.

    Game time in relation to real time is something that we are open to changing. Any opinions here? Would you prefer characters to age quickly or slowly? How many real time game years would be reasonable for you to reach a ripe old age and die?

    inferno3387 asks:

    How long is the life span after this apocalypse?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    This depends on how you play the game, but in general players can live close to 100 years.

    beachtoke asks:

    Will the world be our canvass to build on? Will there be ways to claim ownership of land, and build walls and lock doors to protect valuables?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Yes. Tribes can claim more land as they grow. Walls can be built to protect villages.

    beachtoke asks:

    We'll be able to rotate buildables?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Yes. Walls can be rotated only to cardinal compass points and snap to a grid for proper alignment, while other buildings can be rotated freely.

    Cradlejoe asks:

    Xsyon, will we be able to lock and unlock houses and if yes, will we be able to burgle them?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    This is something still in development, so the short answer for now is 'no'.

    aurickle asks:

    Another question is, how customizable is the interface?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Interface elements can be moved around and they do snap to a grid.

    They can't be currently scaled, but it's possible in the future.

    About skins, this is possible but we'd need to set things up a bit differently to make skinning easier. We'll likely do this in the future.

    aurickle asks:

    A great example of why I ask for scaling is Allods Online, which doesn't have this feature. I play on a 30" screen, and really don't need my health bar to be 6" long

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Ah, I see. Our interface elements stay the same size in pixels, so if you run the game in high resolution, the elements are smaller in relation to the screen.

    Derek asks:

    Will there be magic in the game?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    There is no magic in the Prelude. This is a planned evolution as the world expands.

    Palo god asks:

    Will we be able to combine different time themes such as Viking armor and weapons with more modern technology as the game progresses? Like mixing new technology with past themes or mixing past themes together to create new unique themes?

    Virtus (Community Manager) responds:

    As Xsyon grows diffrent regions around the world will open up. I'm not 100% sure but I believe each culture will have access to otehr cultures so Someone from Africa could get to america and share religions and cultures and technologies.

    Don't quote me on that but I think i remember reading that.

    Palo god asks:

    When fighting can we dismember parts of our enemy while fighting? And if we can will those cut off parts become lootable items that we can pick up and put in our inventory(like a trophy)? Also, if dismemberment is possible and a body part is lost during a fight will it have long term effects on a player?

    Virtus (Community Manager) responds:

    Dismemberment will not be in the game.

    NearlyDeparted asks:

    I would like to see an explorer given the chance to setup a camp where anyone who happens upon it while the explorer has it setup can do crafting or cooking, barter supplies, rest with the peace of mind that someone is watching guard.

    Time limited camp, maybe various types of camps you can create based on the items you have salvaged. Possible be able to add your part to the camp to make it a better camp with more to offer, like a hunter or gatherer type character could add something to the camp that an explorer wouldn't be able to.

    Its something I mentioned during the beta of another post-apoc mmo, don't think they ever gave it one thought.

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    I like this idea. A temporary camp would be useful, though not safe.

    Players can already put together a small makeshift camp fire anywhere. I think we can design a few very simple tents that can be carried.

    We'll see, but most likely, yes!

    Skitzi asks:

    Has there been any word if the future chapters will be free with the subscription or need to be purchased as expansions?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Future expansions will be free to current players.

    Kaldor says:

    Discovery has become a lost art in gaming.

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Yes! This is exactly why I will be deliberately vague about some upcoming features and exact game mechanics.

    One thing that kills most mass-market games for me is the lack of discovery. You can look up all stats, quest details and even exactly how to run a fight or what's the best PVP strategy and build, and if you don't look these things up the game becomes more tedious not more fun.

    We'd like players to feel the excitement of uncovering a new resource or strange lost object and wondering what they can do with it. Bringing this resource to the right craftsman can spark an 'inspiration'.

    Sure, over time as players discover what combination sparks a certain 'inspiration' what was once a product of imagination can become commonplace, much like a real life invention.

    So our goal is to constantly add things to the game that are not just more of the same, but suprising things that can be discovered.

    Redus asks:

    Well I am an pack animal myself and enjoy playing games with groups. I found that playing Wurms Online alone was also rather fun, while time consuming it did has some satisfaction to even do the smallest task by yourself and see you build a small deed all up by yourself. Find your own mine, terraform your own land, farm your own food etc.

    A discussion with is similar to this is being discussed here and in this thread we already concluded you can not set up a temporary camp.

    However is it possible for a player, without a tribe, to create a small camp, small farm (after we get there though evolution ), etc to sustain himself and how "easy" would that be to do? In Wurm Online it was relatively easy, while it was hard work it was possible to even as a new player go out and do it and maintain every building, fence and farm to sub stain one person.

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    I'm taking this into consideration. Right now the world is based around tribes.

    In the future I can see where we can evolve the game to allow for this: individuals having alliances with tribes, paying for protection or simply finding a very remote spot to comfortably live as a hermit.

    I can imagine a solo player building a camp and making a deal with the evil tribes so that they leave him alone in exchange for goods and services.

    Or maybe a player with high level skills will be valuable enough for everyone that others will let him be.

    These are the kind of questions I like to read to help us decide how the game will evolve in the future.

    We'll see!

    Kole asks:

    Is it designed around tribes because of its all built around the 10+ people requirement, or because build takes a lot of resources & effort?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Both, and primarily because this is a community based game.

    I can imagine in the future with well established towns that Xsyon will appeal more to the solo player who can come in and see the existing community as a backdrop for adventures, but the Prelude is mostly about building communities in a new world.

    Baldur asks:

    1) How will buildings be dealt with. Enterable by anyone, or 'private'. Furthermore, are there planned storage containers in houses? Can you give 'access' to more players?

    2) Will lore be an integral part of the game? How will it be revealed to us? Are players, and tribes, taking an active role in the development of the world through RP?

    3) Is currency lootable? Bankable? Banks?

    4) Melee, magic, archery... which ones?

    5) Will skills go from 1-99, a la Darkfall and RV?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    1) Buildings have different access levels. You can share access with friends.

    Storage containers can be kept in buildings.

    2) Lore isn't very developed for the Prelude, but we have some interesting plans for this...

    3) Currency is lootable. We will have banks in the near future.

    4) Melee. Evolving to archery, soon. Evolving to magic in the future.

    5) Skills go to a master level of 100. Beyond that, you can keep building your skill but it becomes very difficult.

    Baldur asks:

    If you die by an NPC will they steal some of your loot? Especially humanoid NPCs? Also do you need to go back to where you died to get the loot and will it just be lootable by anyone?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    NPCs currently don't currently steal loot, though it's something I've thought about and possible in the future.

    When you die there is a limited time for looting. What's not looted will be on you when you revive. Friends can help you by quickly looting important items if you don't want your enemies to get to them.

    Uzik asks:

    Should we be expecting Mortal Online pitch black without a torch, or WoW style magic torches that always light up your area?

    I love the concept of having to work lighting into combat strategies but know this would turn off a lot of casuals if you need to carry a torch while hunting at night.

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Moon light varies based on the moon's cycle. In general the darkness isn't pitch black, especially near the lake where the water is reflective.

    inferno3387 asks:

    Please tell us that night time will not be this dark

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    It's definitely never that dark.

    Fiku asks:

    So which views will be available?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Third Person view is the view of choice (at least my personal choice), but the game can be played in either view.

    Zendru asks:

    1) Is there a limit on how many people can join a tribe?

    2) Can tribe villages be destroyed?

    3) Also, can you have multiple tribe leaders?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    1) No

    2) This will be up for discussion. The plan is yes, but the final implementation is something I want to discuss with our player community.

    3) There are multiple positions within a tribe, but not multiple leaders. Larger tribes will have more available positions (assistant chiefs etc.)

    Darkrounge asks:

    1) Will it be possible to have official tribes as well?
    Official as in new player spawn points.

    2) Top flagged tribe/best tribe.

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    1) New player spawn points will be near the existing tribal village of the player's choice.

    There will also be spawn locations not near any village for those that plan to spawn and build their own tribe.

    Before any villages are built, the player can choose to spawn in one of four different locations.

    2) Interesting idea. Possibly we can place World Totems where players can view overall world information about tribes in general. I'll think about this. I like it.

    JCatano asks:

    Sneaking up on someone will be pointless if there is 3rd person.

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    When sneaking you are invisible to players that can't 'perceive' you.

    Basically for some players you will be invisible, for others you might be part visible which means you are successful in hiding from a distance, but not up close.

    Vessol asks:

    I'd love an alignment system that made PKs rare and actually badass and the hardest of the hardcore, not well, everybody. Like it was in UO. PKing is boring when everyone and their sister is doing it.

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Yes, this is the goal and if things don't seem balanced enough at first, we will adjust the system to achieve this goal.

    Edaw22 asks:

    1) What forms of combat are there in prelude and in the future?

    For example, we have seen that there is melee type combat, will there be Ranged including but not limited to; Bows and crossbows, Guns and magic? and will there be mounted combat?

    2) How does melee combat feel in game?

    3) What is the current control system for combat in the game? (Click to swing, parry buttons, dodging, equipping weapons etc) and will there be duel wielding?

    Xyson Developer Responds:

    1) Melee and ranged for the Prelude. In the future, other options are planned.

    2) Slower and tactical. With bows you will have to actually aim.

    3) Keys for left and right attacks (that answers the dual wielding question). You can set the mouse for these attack as well, but we're still working on how this might conflict with camera controls.

    Additional keys (for example Alt) are used for manual dodging / parrying.

    The character is set to attack only the selected target, but you must be within close range for melee attacks. Direction of attacks is taken into consideration.

    When in combat, the character is in 'combat mode'. This limits your movement speed somewhat so that you can't run circles around a player.

    Edaw22 asks:

    1) How will banking work?

    2) 2) The features list speaks of skill decay through lack of use. In addition to this will there be a Hardcap or Softcap on the number of skills a player may raise?

    3) Is it likely we will see Ships and/or land vehicles (Chariots, carts, carriages) upon or after release?

    4) Will there be NPC guards for player tribal cities/villages?
    Currently no. There is a planned system for the future, but again I can't reveal the details until they are implemented.

    5) Is PvP ENTIRELY open or are there some areas in the game where it is not possible to attack others?

    6) How many players will be able to play at the same time per server?

    7) And finally, how many servers do you intend to have and will there be a US/Oceanic server upon release?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    1) There will be safe, local tribal banks.

    2) It's a soft cap as you described.

    3) In the early Prelude no. As for the future I'm not going to announce these types of features unless I am sure they will make it into the game.

    4) Currently no. There is a planned system for the future, but again I can't reveal the details until they are implemented.

    5) In the early Prelude you will be safe in town.

    6) The game is designed for a few thousand and as we expand we plan to have new areas on separate servers, not copies of the same world.

    7) We have one main US server. We have a second server ready in case we need it, but our current plan is to use it as a test world as we continue to add features.

    Grimskeggr asks:

    Would characters be able to move between these servers?

    (referring to Xsyon dev saying "The game is designed for a few thousand and as we expand we plan to have new areas on separate servers, not copies of the same world."

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Absolutely yes.

    In order to avoid all players moving to a new area, we plan to always expand to several new areas at once.

    bigworm asks:

    Can you build dams to lure wildlife, fish, etc?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    It's not possible right now to build dams. We tried this but the system was getting too complicated for now. It's definitely something we will return to in the future.

    Xsyon Developer on PVP:

    A few people have posted questions regarding PVP and death in Xsyon. I will explain the system a little more.

    PVP is open, but it has severe consequences.

    Players can choose to fight in different combat modes: to the death or to unconsciousness. (I'd love to say 'to the pain' but that's not quite right).

    In the Prelude, technically neither results in actual death.

    As religion enters the game during the prelude there will be forms of permanent death as well as resurrection but the details about this will be given later.

    In the Prelude:

    Unconsciousness results in very minor skill loss and in general the victor will be allowed to loot an item of choice as a reward for a fight well fought.

    Death results in some stat and skill loss and allows the victor to fully loot the player. This is not without complications and consequences for the victor.

    - Carrying capacity is limited, so fully looting another player will not be practical.

    - A dead or unconscious player can be looted by friends as well as enemies. Friends have the loot advantage by having a quick button to rescue select loot from a fellow player. The advantage is to players that fight in groups and players that know when to pack up and flee from a losing battle.

    - Killing or looting a person that is not in an enemy tribe will cause severe reputation loss with the other tribe and within your own tribe.

    And there’s more…

    When tribes are formed an overall tribe alignment is chosen. Players in a good or neutral tribe will automatically become outcasts if they ‘gank’ a good or neutral player of a non enemy tribe.

    Players from an evil tribe are free to loot and pillage and will gain reputation within their own tribe for doing so, but they will also be vulnerable to attacks from all players who will be able to attack evil players without negative consequences. Players in good or neutral tribes will be allowed to put bounty quests on known evil players. In essence, if a tribe chooses to be evil they become the ‘monsters’ of the world.

    Tribes can choose different levels of diplomacy with each other.

    Players from friendly or allied tribes can fight each other, but only to unconsciousness and without looting capability.

    Players from rival tribes can fight each other to unconsciousness with partial loot to the victor. Potentially the amount of looting can be agreed upon by rival tribes. (Setting the amount of looting is not currently implemented, but it’s something I am considering).

    Players from enemy tribes at war can fight to the death with full looting (Potentially tribe leaders can come to a looting agreement for this as well).

    Tribal leaders can set what actions are acceptable by their tribe members, in effect determining the laws within each tribe. Even an evil tribe may have a set of lows for its members to follow in order to maintain civil trade and exchange with other tribes.

    Two good tribes can not become enemies, they can become rivals at worst.

    Breaking the rules agreed upon by your tribes is possible but will result in a warning. If you proceed to act after the warning, your character is set to full evil mode and your reputation, alignment and karma consequences will be severe.

    But that’s not all….

    A primary worry for players is that they will loose their gear or loot. Keep in mind that in Xsyon all armor and weapons can be crafted and are thus replaceable.

    Regarding death by age, this will not occur in the Prelude. By the time any characters will age enough to reach a natural death there will be several (and I think very interesting) methods to deal with permanent death without character loss.

    Xsyon Developer on expansions:

    Slow expansion over time, with new chapters every 6 months to a year is the plan, depending on the content of the expansion.

    We're hoping to expand to other parts of the world, with all new building and creature types. Those would be yearly expansions.

    Xsyon Developer on terraforming and trees:

    Replanting trees is planned to be introduced along with agriculture this summer.

    Currently players can build roads, raise and lower terrain, clear the ground and chop down trees.

    Cleared ground and trees will tend to come back naturally over time.

    There is currently no tunnel building, though it's something we'd like to add.

    Leiros asks:

    Will it be possible to build bridges across rivers and streams? and if so, would this fall under the road building feature?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    Yes, an it comes under the architecture skill.

    Grimskeggr asks:

    Any hooch in this game? Brewing? Visual effects for being sloshed?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    This will be introduced this summer. The visual and character effects are ready, but the crafting and ingredients for booze aren't set up yet.

    I might throw in some bottles of 100 year old scotch though for scavengers to find.

    Xsyon Developer responds to questions about a preview video:

    At this point, the plan is to let players make gameplay videos, for several reasons.

    1) Saves us time. We're a small team and right now the main concerns are to keep improving the game features, ironing out bugs and get you guys playing.

    2) It probably sounds strange, but we don't want or need more hype. We're building a nice small community right now and that's exactly what we want for the Prelude.

    3) As mentioned above, a developer made video might not reflect real gameplay. I think it's just inevitable if I turn some artists loose on making game videos they will make them as nice as possible and we do have flexible camera views to do so. Also, we are more familiar with the game.

    Player made videos are good in my opinion as they will reflect more what the first time player sees.

    Xsyon Developer on Full/Partial in-game nudity:

    No full nudity.

    I personally wouldn't mind it, but it's not worth the customer support hassles.

    I worked on one game where some customers complained about artwork for a nude statue not yet implemented in the game. It was simply in the art folders.

    Palo god asks:

    Will we have to eat food periodically to survive? Or will it just be something to help our toons heal?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    You will have to eat, but it shouldn't be tedious (if people find it tedious we'll adjust the rates).

    When you're logged off it's assumed your character is eating and sleeping normally, so there will be no offline hunger building up.

    Cooking is a skill, but it's simple right now. We will develop this further as time goes on.

    Vassago asks:

    1) How are resources claimed exactly? Which kind of resources are claimable?

    2) How is digging and chopping done?

    3) "Realistic moon cycle and moonlight."

    I hope by realistic you are not refering to a 24h cycle like in real life.

    4) Why levels if character development is skill based?

    5) "- General chat based on hearing range.
    - Whisper directed to specific players within range."
    Q: You do realize that a sandbox mmorpg is fully dependent of its community.

    6) "Body part targeting for critical attacks."
    Q:How sure are you that the server can manage this and Xsyon won't turn into an unplayable "lagfest" ?

    7) Very interesting quest system, although I fear this can be easily exploitable. What kind of rewards do we receive for completing those quests? If those rewards are given by the system what prevents the players from creating thousands of intantly completable quests? If rewards are "payed" by the player creating the quest what is the deference of that from the advertisement trade boards?

    8) I read on the forums that with religion comes Permanent Death chances. Any chance for details on that? Permanent Death is something very few players look for in a mmorpg, so I think this can't be a feature "to be revealed later on"...

    9) How can you assure us that this game is in a playable condition with all listed features included and can handle thousands of players like it is supposed to on a mmorpg?
    Are you planing any open beta testing before release?
    Are you planing any trials?

    Xsyon Developer Responds:

    1) Ground resources, trees and later mines and farms within a tribe's radius of influence will be accessible only to tribe members or allies with permission. Others will be flagged as stealing if they gather resources without permission.

    With walls, tribes will be able to further block out intruders by walling off resource areas.

    2) Chop down any tree. There is no mining at the moment, but other resources can be gathered from the ground basically anywhere, not in specific nodes.

    3) This refers to the moon following a natural cycle in terms of position and whether it is full moon, half moon etc. Time is currently set at 8 game years in one real year.

    4) Levels gives an additional skill boost so players can maintain or build a few skills without having to repeatedly use them. It is meant to reflect what the character is doing while offline. It's not a major boost in skill, just additional skill points.

    5) Thanks for catching that. That's a mistake. Whispers are not based on range. Neither are the tribe or individual group chat channels. Only general chat is range based.

    6) If it does, we adjust the system. The goal here is to create a fun community based game. Adjusting the details if we encounter problems is part of our plan.

    7) Rewards are given by the quest giver. Experience is set by the system. There are checks in place to prevent exploiting, but of course if I give details players will try to figure out ways around them.

    8) Permanent death will be an option and it will have it's rewards. As it's not part of the Prelude, that's all I can say about it right now. If a player is dead set (pun intended) against permanent death they don't need to worry about this feature.

    9) We've performed closed beta testing and are looking only for a small community right now.

    Trials will be available after the release.

    Skepticism is understandable given what other companies have done with their game releases. We've deliberately under hyped the game and we're currently all working around the clock to make sure everything is in before April 15th. For assurement you can wait and see what the pre-order players say when they are let in.

    I Take no credit btw - Just bringing a post that got me hooked from outside

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    Re:Features list

    This is a blog!!lol Great job hopi rosso!! Virtus will be happy

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    Re:Features list

    Nice digging r0ss0, Thanks

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    Re:Features list

    Can you piss in the game?

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