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    Some early feedback

    Hey guys..

    Great work on the update... a few early issues to make you aware of..
    [li]Large borders: can walk right through them.[/li]
    [li]You can terraform under bolders and leave them in mid air - looks cool but I don't think they should float [/li]
    [li]Water flows up waterfalls in the South still (I know this was raised before)[/li]
    [li]Tribe border: It appears that the border does not expand with new member signup[/li]
    [li]We also discovered a 'cheat' so will not post here[/li]
    [li]Any tribe member can invite anyone they like into the tribe[/li]
    [li]Tribe permissions are not working work[/li]
    [li]Non members can still drop items in tribe zone which cannot be removed[/li]
    [li] Creatures can't kill you in the tribe zone[/li]
    [li] Tribe member names appear duplicated where a toon is deleted[/li]
    [li]You can run up verticle sides - more so than before[/li]

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    Re: Some early feedback

    please make sure to email this list to support also, thanks!

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    Re: Some early feedback

    Some early feedback - there is not much change from before. Perhaps most of the changes are under the hood and in crafting.

    That character creator is sure going to need to be upgraded big style

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    Re: Some early feedback

    I think there is work being done on the creator, pretty sure we will have a vast amount of personalization. It would be great if we could make as a unique individual as each one of us are in RL.

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