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    What you currently do in game

    I'd like to get an idea of what other people are doing in game. I've been trying to craft as much as I can, but its really difficult without having several other people sharing resources. Also, without any real idea as to xp gain on stats/attributes and from killing mobs, hunting gets boring quick. So I'm curious what others are doing if anything else?

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    Re:What you currently do in game

    Same thing you are really. You should look into a tribe, that way you are working with others, sharing resources, hunting together, building and such. Solo play right now makes for a really lonely experience.

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    Re:What you currently do in game

    tredo is right, Templar is always looking to add another brother if your up to the challenge

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    Re:What you currently do in game

    I log in, try out some of the new features, maybe run around a bit to see any terrain changes, and the log out until the next update.

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