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    "Invalid Inventory Request" and Deleting items.

    I seem to be having a problem moving around and deleting items from my dropped baskets. Every time I try to move an item from the basket to my inventory, I get "Invalid Inventory Request" and when I try to delete an item from it, it asks if im sure then does nothing.

    Anyone else getting this problem?

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    Re: "Invalid Inventory Request" and Deleting items.

    its when you create a character, drop the items, delete that character, create a new character, pick up the stuff... those items are from a deleted character, thus a void in the database. This leads to ownership issues I think, so who owns it? The deleted character can't its deleted, thus cant pass ownership to the new character. This is all caused by the permissions system that was implemented.

    That's my 2 cents worth...

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    Re: "Invalid Inventory Request" and Deleting items.

    Good catch Tredo!

    For anyone having this problem, is it because you deleted the owner of these objects?

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    Re:"Invalid Inventory Request" and Deleting items.

    So all these bags and items are perma stuck ingame? One cant delete them and one cant move them..

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    Re:"Invalid Inventory Request" and Deleting items.

    No they are not permanent. After a timer expires on deleted character, then all items will become publc.

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