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    Weapons, sheathing and drawing

    I paged through some of the suggestions but didn't see anything on how weapons are going to be handled in final..
    Right now seems if you have a fishing pole in hand you have to open inventory and manually trade pole for weapon.

    Kind of a clunky way to go in a PvP centric type of game, delay most likely will get you killed.

    If this something that will be fixed and some point to be more in line with most games out now, to be maybe linkable to hotbar to do the switch?

    Also sheathing a weapon, seems odd to run around with one in hand all the time any plans on making a way to sheath it.

    I was going to attempt to make a macro with my G13 but being the way inventory slots are its a bit hard to do.

    Last thought, I think I read the idea is to do away with inventory bag slots and go more for a slotless type of bag I assume like dark fall has, is that correct?

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    Re:Weapons, sheathing and drawing

    I was wondering the same thing actually, and I agree in a game with PVP, readying yourself for combat should be easier.

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    Re:Weapons, sheathing and drawing

    You can currently place weapons on your belt and leg areas. Look at the inventory window and check out the slots above the character.

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    Re:Weapons, sheathing and drawing

    I think what is being asked for is a key command to sheathe or draw a designated weapon with out opening the inventory window. Sort of a quick draw unsheathing/sheathing.

    On another note there are six sheath locations on a character.

    Two leg/boot spots that can hold a small weapon like a knife.
    Two waist/belt spots that can hold small or medium sized weapons, knives, blades or small axes.
    Two back slots that can store any size weapon, including shovels, picks, fishing poles, spears.

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    Re:Weapons, sheathing and drawing

    Yeah I think a easy quick switch would be to allow weapons to be dropped on the hot key bar and you can switch that way.

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