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Thread: Rollback Dupes

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    Rollback Dupes

    Apparently there was a rollbackk on toons only tonights. My toon went from 67 scav to 38 and was relocated to an are he hasnt been since i started him... but the terrain didnt change...the 200 leather i scaved is still there as well as the multi stacks of thread I traded for.
    No prob if this was a needed rollback...just would like a confirmation.

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    Re:Rollback Dupes

    Further input..

    All skills droped back 8 hours.
    A wierd point...
    All my armour dissappered but I didnt revert to my old shoes.
    So this wasnt a roll back or I would have had my old sheet...what the heck happened
    In fact i lost items I made prev to where my skill loss happened on the roll back...they seem seperate.

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    Re: Rollback Dupes

    There was 2 or 3 small patches through the night. The database and terrain didn't get affected. The major part of the update had to do with server stability and leveling. Crafting advancement and recipe gain. I believe this caused the character rollback to a spot where it last saved on the server side..... in your case it rolled you back in scavenging, but didn't affect the item database. Hope this helps.

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    Re:Rollback Dupes

    very much effected the item database...I lost every piece of armour I made and that wasnt even a roll back..
    I dont even have the sneakers I started with...the boots I made deleted them...and because of the roll back I cant even make those Spooner my toon now has to run around shoeless.

    Terrain backing might have worked, but I lost 8+ hours of skill gain and crafting...ya know the odd of getting a spooner pattern? Like insane...

    With only one toon, these hickups REALLY hurt...

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    Re:Rollback Dupes

    Only rollback I saw was about 30 minutes. Not really sure then, I played most of the night however. Not really sure about how the server/client saves work.t

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    Re:Rollback Dupes

    I honestly don't know what happened.

    There were server crashes that could have caused a minor rollback (one yesterday at around noon PST and one about an hour ago), but our patch shouldn't have cause all of this.

    I will look into this more today.

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