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    tribe is now gone

    our totem is there but when I pull up the tribe window it shows that we don't have a tribe.

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    Re:tribe is now gone

    Okay also noticed the containers can no longer be opened by anyone.

    These are containers that are in range of our totem that we no longer have control over.

    I created the tribe and I don't show we have the tribe any longer in the tribe window.

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    Re:tribe is now gone

    More information.

    The containers let me set permissions. But they cannot be opened.

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    Re:tribe is now gone

    Are the other tribes having this problem?

    What is your tribe name?

    I checked the database and things look ok. I am wondering if tribe info was not loaded properly after my last patch. This will have to wait until the programmer who worked on this is around tonight.

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    Re:tribe is now gone

    Tribe name is Myrmidon.

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    Re:tribe is now gone

    Okay my buddy just reported to me that he logged in and he owns the tribe even though I was the one that created it. And he said I don't show in the list as being in the tribe.

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    Re:tribe is now gone

    Ok, something is definitely strange with this tribe.

    Who created the tribe?

    Also for others out there, is the Shinra tribe working properly?

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    Re:tribe is now gone

    the shinra tribe is working ok.

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    Re:tribe is now gone

    Tribe roster does not show everyone, but social tab does. Think it is just the scroll buttons not working.

    Setting containers to tribe does not work. We are still using friends list.

    Deleting a character doesn’t remove them from the tribe roster

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    Re:tribe is now gone

    Server just locked up and I am restarting...

    gremrod, who is your buddy listed as tribe leader? I'm looking at the database trying to piece together what happened.

    The tribe is listing only 1 member. Did you create the tribe then delete and start a new character?

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