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Thread: Update Email

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    Update Email


    Did everyone get the update email I sent out last night?

    I emailed everyone from our new location so I want to make it worked (I received the copies sent to myself).

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    Xsyon Citizen joexxxz's Avatar
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    May 2010

    Re:Update Email

    I did not receive anything from u... Sorry

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    Re:Update Email

    no email came to me

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    Re:Update Email

    Could you please check if you received this in your spam folder?

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    Re:Update Email

    I got it!

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    Re:Update Email

    Ok, if you didn't get it, please first check your spam folders.

    If you can't find the update message, please email me at with your email address we should have on file.


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    Xsyon Citizen Xx1327's Avatar
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    Re:Update Email

    yep got it too

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    Re:Update Email

    Nothing here.

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    Re:Update Email

    got it, and yes it was in my spam folder

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    Re:Update Email

    I sent the update again to everyone today.

    Please let me know if you didn't get it (or if you did).

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