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    character saving...

    If my client crashes or it locks up and I have to do task manager and kill the task the character is not saving, thus causing a db error. This is the 3 one I had to reroll due to db bugging. If I log out correctly, it saves just fine.

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    Re:character saving...

    When you do this, what happens with the crashed out character?

    Are you unable to use it?

    Is the character missing items?

    What is not saved properly?

    Please post as many details as possible.

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    Re:character saving...

    I can log back in yes,

    Missing everything that I had collected since last log in, skill gains, items, bags, tools, weapons, armor

    When I log back in, I am at the last point I log in at, so If I log in and im standing in water, play for 5 hours, and am in different zone, at the top of a hill, my client crashes, when I log back in, I have lost all 5 hours, and am standing in the water again when I log back in.

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    Re:character saving...

    Good info. This will help a lot and probably explains the problems that Risk reported.

    I'll be working on this.

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    Re:character saving...

    We are working on this and I will be restarting the server several times later today to check on saving.

    Once this and a few other issues are solved we are going to wipe the database to clear problems this has caused.

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    Re:character saving...

    By wipe the database you mean everyone will start over fresh?

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    Re:character saving...

    yes I think that's correct

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    Re:character saving...

    Yes, we're going to have to wipe the database to clear up problems. I know it's a pain, but it needs to be done so that we can make progress.

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    Re:character saving...

    Lets do it then.

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    Re:character saving...


    Oh well, it's not like we really accomplished anything anyways lol.

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