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Thread: Leather straps

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    Leather straps

    Any chance that leather straps can be gathered from raw leather found in the junk piles?

    You can find full pieces of leather, and some leather scraps, but not leather straps. If I have a knife, I would cut the leather into straps, I would be able to pull a piece or 2 out of the scrap leather and make a strap out of it. They can be scavenged, so they are in the piles, why can we not "sort" them from leather?

    I have been on now since the update, and there is only 1 player that I have come across that makes them. Don't see leather crafter at all really. Makes the other trade skills rough, due to the huge dependency on leather straps.

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    Re:Leather straps

    Sorry I forgot to make them tonight

    Will make up a bunch tomorrow

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    Re:Leather straps

    lol... no worries, but you know what I'm saying right ?

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    Re:Leather straps

    I know what you mean.

    Also can a crafting profession make them? Leather crafter, right?

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    Re:Leather straps

    scavenged or crafted by leather crafter... that's it

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    Re:Leather straps

    Well, as long as a crafter can make them, then that seems fine. But yeah would make since for making them from sorting leather scraps.

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    Re:Leather straps

    It's all about teamwork. If anyone can make leather straps then that removes one of the main reasons for being a leatherworker, each craft supplies something other crafts need. Once the trading system gets fixed I'm sure things will become much easier.

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    Re:Leather straps

    leather crafters can make well as they have been found when scavaging...I think it is as it should be. If we start giving everything to everyone, then there's no need for all the different skills IMHO B)

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