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    Getting ready

    will the client be realest early so people can get ready to play instead of buying the game and waiting a long time for downloads to finish?

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    Re:Getting ready

    Hello Dezgard,

    If you mean for the final character wipe and launch, yes, players will already have the game downloaded.

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    Re:Getting ready

    I was meaning will the client be available before release?

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    Re:Getting ready

    Yes, it's available now.

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    Re:Getting ready

    People have been able to play for months.

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    Re:Getting ready

    I think you both are missing what he is asking. He wants to know if there will be a way to download the game before you buy it.

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    Re:Getting ready

    Doesn't seem that way to me. Seems like he wants to be able to install the client early before the game is "released" so he can play as soon as it's released. It's a common desire for many digitally distributed games.

    What he doesn't realize is that the question isn't relevant to this game.

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    Re:Getting ready

    Yes. The client is available now if you guy the game. If you want to get in right at release but don't want to buy yet, just buy it a few hours before release or however long before release that you think it will take to download.

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