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    Duped bags and dropping items bugs

    Some new problems and addons to older ones.

    When my character was rolled back, the pouches I had droped on the ground had been reduped back on my waist while they were still on the ground.
    When I dropped them back on the ground, the ground ones disappeared.
    The when I gathered up some leather they respawned on my waist.
    Problem is they dont update, until I relog. I've emptied them and when I try to place them in my inv, it says inventory error or something.

    Also now, all items I try to drop on the ground cause the client to freeze for a second and then they never show up on the ground. This is anything from leather and metal, to bags and pouched.."Due to this new client lag I accidentally droped my pouch with my tools and it poofed.

    Feel free to check out my character (Risk) to see these problems.

    Tomarrow I'll be deleting my character and remaking him to see if this fixes it. (Without tools he's useless atm)

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    Re:Duped bags and dropping items bugs

    We will wipe the database as soon as we're sure these problems are fixed. We're working on this right now.

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