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Thread: Xsyon on linux

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    Xsyon on linux

    Hi there,

    i found no thread like this so i created this one. I decided to post it in this public part of the forum, cause its interesting for non subscribers too.

    I tried to get Xsyon running in linux (using wine [1]), cause i have no copy nor installation of windows. I play all MMOs in linux and probably surprisingly for most of you, pretty well.

    This is not a thread about bothering the devs making a linux port. I understand that linux has not enough users to be attractive for most game developers. Anyway, i try to get it running and maybe, just maybe, i get some help of someone poking around.


    ok, here is what i did so far and what i got running: (I will keep this list up to date) Last updated: Nov. 28, 2011

    *edit: The game is currently not playable in linux. You will get a winsock error when you try to connect. :/

    -Installing the Game works great. The installer is nothing special so no problems here.

    Launching the game:
    - Starting the game works well too but you have to install d3dx9 using winetricks [2] (winetricks d3dx9)

    -Most of the game works so far but sadly there are these crashes i get every 15 - 30 minutes. I tried everything to avoid them but it seems there is some kind of memory leak in either wine or the game itself (err:d3d:resource_init Out of memory!). It seems by lowering the grphics details, you can lower the chance to get a crash. Please vote here, so the bug can be fixed faster! (
    -There were some graphic glitches in the past but they are totally gone now. Try to play with your setting. Disable some advanced shadows and/or glow.
    - If you have a problem with the mouse cursor jumping back to the middle of the screen, you can fix it with "winetricks mwo=disabled".

    Beside the crashes the game is playable in linux to. Would love to get some feedback of other linux guys.

    There is now also an entry about Xsyon in WineDB ( So if you are a linux player please add your testresult there. Thx

    My system:
    OS: Archlinux (64 Bit)
    CPU: Intel i7 quadcore
    Gfx: Nvidia Gforce 275 GTX
    Gfx driver: 260.19.06
    RAM: 8 GB
    Wine: 1.3.13 (git)

    [1] Wine is a linux program that emulates the windowsapi. It makes it possible to execute windows programs in linux, even games. Most of the directx9 stuff is implemented and if something is not available you can even install directx9 to get a game working. Many games are working this way in linux without performance drops, cause wine is not an emulator, its a windows api mapper.
    [2] Winetricks is a script used to install windows programs in wine easily. You don't have to download them and install them manually. You can execute e.g. "winetricks dotnet20" and it will be downloaded and installed.

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    Re:Xsyon on linux

    curious, how do you know the missing thing isn't important?

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    Re:Xsyon on linux

    Cause the game is starting.
    Is IT important? What am i missing?

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    Re: Xsyon on linux

    Flytrap is that you? Because you are the only person I know who puts annotations in emails and forums posts. The only thing that makes me think this is not flytrap (former co-worker who likes to fuck up everyone's code) is the fact that when he quoted in his annotation he actually used quotes instead of prime and single quote like ``so''...

    Do you stroke your beard with both hands while programming and smoke a pack of lucky strikes a day?

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    Re:Xsyon on linux

    I remember trying to get Xsyon to run under wine on OS X. I managed to get the game to launch and log in, but if i remember correctly, the shadows were messed up in a similar way you are describing now.

    On that note I don't remember getting an error message in the launcher. But that was a different version of the launcher.

    On that note, trying to get it to run under wine also reveals all the required libraries and runtime the game needs to run. Which for whatever reason are not included in a clean install of Windows anyways. Cause I could not launch it in Win7 when I put a fresh install on.

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    Re:Xsyon on linux

    Now you know two. I'm not Flytrap.

    Getting it to run was pretty simple if you know what to do. Cause i have experience with other games it was not that hard for me this time. Only the shadow problem bothers me a bit.

    btw. i noticed the game performance seems to be dependent of the region. I selected an other starter region an now the performance is pretty similar like before the patch.

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    Re:Xsyon on linux

    hey there sxe,
    glad to have on board first
    well, in former times I've noticed, that performance of the system has much to do with how much fires are burning or how much terraformer are actually working. that may now influence only the region you are in, before it was worldwide.
    as a measure of performance 'those days' the chatlag could be taken, will say how fast it shows what you write. but all may be different now because I guess the changes that have been made to the system are rather extensive.
    cheers, snake.

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    Re:Xsyon on linux

    ok thx,
    good to know this.

    and thx for the welcome.

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    Re:Xsyon on linux

    sxxxxe wrote:
    ok thx,
    good to know this.

    and thx for the welcome.
    Sorry for being off-topic, I just wanted to say that I love your avatar

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    Re:Xsyon on linux

    No problem, i love my avatar either. Bud is the best.

    Anyway, i'm a bit disappointed. After reading the first part of your sentence i was expecting something else "Sorry for being off-topic, I just wanted to say that I love you...." lol

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