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Thread: Hi from china

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    Hi from china

    I'm new and wanted to say hi to everyone.

    and no I'm not Chinese I'm Scottish :P i Translate games from Chinese to English and vice-versa.

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    Re: Hi from china

    Hello and welcome. Hope you enjoy the game. Very friendly and helpful community. If you have any questions or issues just let it fly and you will get a quick response most times.

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    Re: Hi from china

    thank you tredo

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    Re:Hi from china

    welcome to xsyon dezgard. hope you enjoy it.

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    Re:Hi from china

    welcome, our first Chinese subscriber I believe...

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    Re:Hi from china

    thanks i hope the one big issue for me doesn't come up, connection problems i.e china national firewall the thing is countrywide and blocks all ports.

    i'll let you guys know later once i connect...i have become a guru at fixing lag in games btw lol due to the fact that all western games lag for me.

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    Re:Hi from china

    Dezgard, I saw that you attempted to enter the game just as I was patching an update. You should be able to get in now.

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    Re:Hi from china

    thanks just need to fix my first problem now hehe

    client buttons not working

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    Re:Hi from china


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