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    invisibility bug

    when entering our zone, i cannot be seen by other well, earlier i could not see the ratcoons that were attacking be...nor hear their chatter noises. after relog i did see and hear them.

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    Re:invisibility bug

    what's the zone number?

    What had you been doing previous to leaving the zone?

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    Re:invisibility bug

    I'll test this after patch today, might be related to character saving issues, as my toon had leather resources he couldnt drop, and when killed, kept showing up at original spawn location.

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    Re:invisibility bug

    Seems like the old invisibility bug is back. I had to kill off an invisible bear earlier today.

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    Re:invisibility bug

    Thought I'd wandered into invislbe green mist at first as I just started dying, found it it was an invisible bear. It killed me twice heh. Note this was before last nights wipe and patch so could be fixed now.

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