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    What Is Combat Like?

    How are the combat mechanics for this game? I heard that it was transitioned to being shooter style combat. Is the hit dedication and behind the scenes calculations synced up like they would be for, say, Borderlands, Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption, and so on? Where melee range is realistic and if you move out of range the attack misses?

    For instance, I tried playing Fallen Earth, but the chickens were hitting me with their melee attacks when I was many feet away from them. Same thing with Final Fantasy XIV; even if I move out of range I still get smacked because the calculations were all done before the animations went off.

    Oh, I also want to ask about the physics. I know physics require more calculations, which requires more system resources and latency is always an issue with real-time positional combat in an online game, but are the physics of movement realistic? I'll use another game as an example again. In Darkfall it's difficult, though not impossible, to predict player and mob movement because there is no inertia/momentum (forgive me guys, I'm a Chemistry/Biology teacher so I know I'm misusing the physics terms). So I was wondering if this game has more realistic, and intuitive, combat than, say any MMO that I can think of.

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    Re:What Is Combat Like?

    No one?

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    Re:What Is Combat Like?

    a pre order would answer all your questions, but as far as behind the scenes numbers and calculations, that is not something that is put out in common knowledge anywhere. Least not what I can find. I can say that combat is a lot of fun and not like those other games you mentioned.

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    Re:What Is Combat Like?


    Combat is definitely not a strength of Xsyon at this point. It needs work.

    There are some Youtube videos of it.

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    Re:What Is Combat Like?

    I'd say in it's current state that is somewhere between Fallen Earth and Darkfall without ranged attacks. In short, it feels very sluggish and laggy. It does have promise though, just needs a lot of TLC.

    The devs have stated that they are focusing on combat mechanics now that the server move is over with. The incoming patches are suppose to have combat animations added. I'm not sure when/if ranged attacks will be in game. But, I highly doubt they will release the game with combat in its current state.

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    Re:What Is Combat Like?

    curious...have you tested combat since the big update? There were a few tweaks to it.

    As for those vids, they are a few months old and out of date. Can't gauge the current combat with those.

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    Re:What Is Combat Like?

    Tredo, I know a preorder would give me the means to answer the question on my own, but preordering costs money and while I'm really interested in this game because of the other features, I don't want to waste my money if the combat doesn't suit me.

    Derek, is melee range realistic-y like it is in Darkfall or is it more along the lines of attack goes off and you still get hit even if you move out of range of the animation like in Fallen Earth? And is there movement inertia? What I mean by this is can things just turn by rotating on their foot even at a run, or do they need to slow down or run in a arc (more like in real life)?

    Thanks everyone for helping me out with this; I really appreciate it!

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    Re:What Is Combat Like?

    Virtus wrote:
    curious...have you tested combat since the big update? There were a few tweaks to it.

    As for those vids, they are a few months old and out of date. Can't gauge the current combat with those.
    It is not really any different Virtus and does need a lot more work. At the moment is below Roma Victor standard. I do have high standards though as have been playing Mortal Online and when it is good it is really good in that game. Xyson combat lacks depth, all too much of a click fest.

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    Re:What Is Combat Like?

    could you make suggestions please, preferably in the tweaks section so it doesn't get lost in here. A lot of people have said they don't care for it, but I think it's not quiet clear what needs changing and what you guys want to see.

    Combat will always be tweaked until it feels right.

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    Re:What Is Combat Like?

    Hack and Slash , click mashing , with minimal sound and visual feedback. There is no blood, gore , particles or anything. It needs major polishing and overhaul. There is nothing but melee combat , and the ranges have barely been tested. There is no ragdoll.

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