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Thread: Runtime Error

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    Runtime Error

    Getting a runtime error and a crash every time I try to log into the game.

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    Re:Runtime Error

    Getting similar thing

    Runtime Error

    Floating point support not loaded.

    Tried reinstall When it was happening during patcher, now it is happeneing during character loading into game.

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    Re:Runtime Error

    yeah getting same error..

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    Re:Runtime Error

    I just patched out an update.

    If you are getting a crash, at what point exactly? When you log in to the game after the launcher is finished patching? Or after you create a character and are logging in to the world?

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    Re:Runtime Error

    soon as i hit login

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    Re:Runtime Error

    I was able to log in after the small patch ,

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    Re:Runtime Error

    Zootsuit, have you tried to log in right now, after my current patch?

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    Re:Runtime Error

    Still getting same error.. didnt see new patch other than the first one

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    Re:Runtime Error

    Email sent.. It is crashing after login info is entered and the login button is hit on the splash screen.. not on the launcher

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    Re:Runtime Error

    friend of mine having the same issue in the same spot.

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