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Thread: login screen

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    login screen

    two items here.

    1) The logon screens seem to do a number on my video card, much more than anything else in the game. Is this FPS capped or is it refreshing like crazy?

    2) On the login screen it would be nice if the numberpad worked and also let me log in by hitting enter.

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    Re:login screen

    numpad does work and i can hit enter.

    sounds like your screen is having a little trouble.


    and look at the cpu usage when the logon screen is started.

    and if you can post more details

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    Re:login screen

    Sorry, i tried doing a search and didn't see much :-) Starters, vid card is an HD4850, and the way i know its taking up more juice is the fan just kicks into over-drive.

    The number-pad/enter works fine for me on the screen that allows for patching. its the second login screen that it doesn't work on. CPU usage is about 10% on the task manager but that doesn't always tell the truth.

    Also, i have made sure my num-lock is on :-)

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    Re:login screen

    windows xp or 7

    if windows 7 run as admin

    desktop resolution and game resolution?

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    Re:login screen

    Win Vista, clam AV for my antivirus, resolution is 1024 x 768. Tried running as admin but it still brings up the second login screen. Thanks for the help btw, maybe we should somehow move this to another forum if no one else is experiencing this :-D

    Edit: Missed the desktop Resolution. It is 1280 x 960.

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    Re:login screen

    try changing the resolution of your desktop and game to something low see if your card still goes into overdrive.

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    Re:login screen

    When I was looking at the resolution options I noticed that V-Sync was not checked. As soon as I turned that on it stopped the drain on my video card. I don't have much more time tonight so I will have to try changing my resolution to see if that helps as well tomorrow.

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