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    peer to peer + lag

    this is for the dev's

    i noticed that your stream to the client looks a lot like peer to peer traffic (not saying it is hehe) but isp's automatic traffic shaping programs or what ever they use maybe mistake it for p2p traffic and well limit it (comcast anyone)...

    this basically means horrible lag at peak times or all the time.

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    Re: peer to peer + lag

    So how does Xsyon act like a P2P client? Are you saying the client connects to multiple IP addresses?

    I have Comcast and they don't do anything obvious to my traffic. All they do is cap me at 250GB per month. And even though courts ruled in their favor in the last year they don't seem to have resumed the practice of throttling Bittorrent.

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    Re: peer to peer + lag

    maybe they have stopped the practice but i doubt it more than likely they have another way of doing the same thing.

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