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    server down or just me?

    I patched the game just now but cant log in since. Just want to check if this is just me or the server is down?

    I can log in at the intial launcher and it does connect, when it switches to full screen and i put log in details again it thinks about it for a minute then the password box just resets itself. I cant get in!

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    Re: server down or just me?

    its up, just logged in

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    Re: server down or just me?

    ok anyone know what to do about this i rebooted but still cant get in game, thanks!

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    Re: server down or just me?

    did you download the latest installer? The one that was released a few days ago?

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    Re:server down or just me?

    yes and i have been in game since. Thisa issue started after a small patch yesterday or the day before.

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    Re:server down or just me?

    Please contact me at It sounds like you are not running the game properly through the launcher every time or not getting the exe updated correctly. The small patch changed the client version number.

    Please make sure you've restarted your computer and run the game through the launcher.

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    Re:server down or just me?

    LOL, NM, Virtus just posted

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