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Thread: in game

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    in game

    hi any one around just now?

    im ingame and want to play around hehe


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    Re: in game

    incoming wipe, doubt you will find anyone right now...

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    Re: in game

    yes i know but im bored and looking for bugs :P

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    Re:in game

    What starting area? I've only been able to play with 1 person so far, are there many active people or?

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    Re:in game

    sugar pine

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    Re:in game

    you in game?

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    Re:in game

    Now on my way!

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    Re:in game

    am also in game...daily..

    Greetings Whorlok (ABT)

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    Re:in game

    we are in sugarpine come join us

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    Re:in game

    i'm in game anyone else in game?

    any one from nomads?

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