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    Construction help

    Here is a simple tool we made in the Corps to help us set up base camps when area was unsafe or too far for construction crews. If you're wondering how we made the levels, it was usually made with clear medical tubing from corpsmans medpac, or other inprovised item.

    forgive my simple drawing, as it was a quickie paint job.

    I'm posting this because we will lose the "POS: coordinates" which include altitude. Altitude is how we leveled the terrain with the level command. It was tedious even with the alt coord., without it, flat terraforming will be impossible.

    Because terraforming will only be allowed in tribal areas, I was thinking, maybe a construction/terraformer could have this made by qualified toolcrafter, which would then dispaly the coord/altitude on terraformer's screen while he had it in his other tools...while he was in allowed/tribal area.

    just trying to come up with ways to keep terraforming as useful as it is now with using the coords.


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    Re:Construction help

    We are going to lose the "POS: coordinates"???

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    Re:Construction help

    gremrod wrote:
    We are going to lose the "POS: coordinates"???
    Yes. They're only there to help with bug finding.

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    Re:Construction help


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