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    Flow testing

    A good idea would be to have the tester know what the dev team are currently working on with a daily post on (what will be done today by the devs)it would help focus the testers and lead to much better dev-to-player player-to-dev functionality.

    e.g today the dev's are making changes to terraforming & memory optimizing.

    players post there current opinions and bugs on those specific things like, "oh dev's my client uses 2gb or ram then crashes" dev's take this info into account when looking at memory optimization.

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    Re:Flow testing

    Hello Dezgard,

    I do post about changes with each update that's patched out so that players know what's new to check.

    For bugs we often fix them as they are reported if they are simple enough.

    For features in general we are following the list that is posted about what's in development.

    Many times the daily plan is changed, but I do try to keep everyone as informed as possible.

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    Re: Flow testing


    While absolute freedom should always be available (we did purchase), a "focus testing" would also be nice to see. I'd love to directly try and help one area at a time and feel part of a solution as alterations or additions are made.

    Something as simple as "Slam the login server for the next 15 min" "try to crash that sucker!" or focus tests in-game with specific goals in mind.

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