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    name and password

    Take it away from patching.

    If people download the patcher for the game they can't actually get all the files before they buy the game i know this sounds pointless but normally i never buy an mmo without first having the client start-up first i.e get to the logon screen.

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    Re: name and password

    This was added to the launcher because of abuse. We had problems in which people who have not yet preordered where giving out the download information and created very slow download speeds for paying customers.

    By linking the launcher to the password of that user, it means that those who don't pay can't get to those files and we get a faster speed.

    That was then, but I believe it was a temporary thing, so once the game goes live, and there is a trail option available, it may like be removed to the one single login.

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    Re: name and password

    Or what can be done is to test if there is an update, if there is, then ask the password, if there is no an update then skip to the game itself.

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