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    Welmeti Deerbone Greeves error

    The recipe calls for 6 round deer bones, I have 8 on me, a stack of 5 and a stack of 3, round bones only stack to 5. It wont let me add the 5 and then when I try and pull the other 3 onto it to make it 6, it doesn't add them it replaces them so I only have 3 / 6 not 6 / 6. Can't stack the 3 on the 5 because they only stack to 5.

    Suggestion, let round bones stack to 10 or reduce recipes so they don't require more items then can be stacked.

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    Re:Welmeti Deerbone Greeves error

    Yes, this is one of the sorting/stacking things that have to be reviewed. I suggest solving this more general: Make it possible to seperate once stacked items into single pieces (or to extract one portion via rightclick). That solves several problems at once, because if you - f.e. - have two flintstones and want to make a gift for someone, you at the moment have the only way to think about this while collecting, so storing them seperate and moving one in a different basket so if you have found the second they don't stack. Though this is working, it is a bit bothersome. .

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    Re:Welmeti Deerbone Greeves error

    Right click menu mixed with stacking algorithms and wala problem fixed and what ever bugs that come with it lol i guess thats our job to find.

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    Re:Welmeti Deerbone Greeves error

    The number of stacked items for bones will be increased in the next update. We do have other improvements like stack separation on our list, we just need to go one step at a time.

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