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    Any active spawn zone ?

    anywhere to spawn where we can join a tribe and provide for it while waiting for construction and cooking?

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    Re:Any active spawn zone ?

    Hi Rev!

    Yes would be good to have a temporary tribe for exile players

    Round hill would be good enough

    I'll be around there tomorrow.

    See you!!

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    Re:Any active spawn zone ?

    just made a toon there, still need 3 more to make a round hill tribe. I will be back later

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    Re:Any active spawn zone ?

    i'll join just tell me when to log on

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    Re:Any active spawn zone ?

    I've started a trade market place in round hill.

    Zone 780 926 744

    I set up several bins baskets pouches to offert items,tools and so on.

    So I'll open some of them so people can take what they need and put unusseful items for them.

    i hope this help a little from now on due the lack of people at the same time

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    Re:Any active spawn zone ?

    Thats awesome fury, I saw those last night and will add some sutff when I can.

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    Re:Any active spawn zone ?

    Well that zone is no longuer available at the moment,we set up a tribe and I bugged the zone by a mistake,so we need to wait a little bit for this to be fixed


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