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Thread: Character slots

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    Character slots

    Hey all,

    Ive been away for a while and was just wondering about the amount of characters. Obviously we want to experience all of the game and was curious if I would be able to have a Tool smith on one toon smaking the items for another character and send them the items?
    Just interested where this is headed so I can plan my gameplay around it.


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    Re: Character slots

    one char slot only afaik.

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    Re: Character slots

    No, there will only be 1 character. This is a measure put in place to try to stop people having an alt that they can just go around and kill people with with no repercussions. It also prevents players using the alt to join an enemy tribe to spy etc.

    Of course one can do this by buying another account but it will at least deter some people.

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    Re: Character slots

    Ah thanks. I see how it will hopefully stop griefing. Thanks heaps guys.

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    Re: Character slots

    what about a brother slot same name as main but with a (B) at the end or something?

    sometimes we like to change play styles to keep us interested

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    Re: Character slots

    hmm a brother slot or similar could work if the reputation gain was tied into the Surname. This would stop the griefers but allow for the possibility of alts. As well as introducing the Jones vs the Clampets or similar family feuds.

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    Re:Character slots

    Honestly so long as the skill cap and decay system works as intended then the player will be able to respect their character over not too long a period and dabble in a different play style.

    The Single character system is in place for both the reasons Virtus mentioned and also specifically to stop players from becoming a Master of every trade and to make people rely on others to succeed not just reach a level of complete self reliance.

    Note ofcourse that a player can still be a jack of all trades, with a moderate skill in most if not all areas of the game, they will however not be at the top of each of these fields and must specialise to be.

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    Re:Character slots

    Yeah I guess its only really a problem this early in the game with not many on at once. When we have a larger player base Im sure there will be less problems sorting the different components.

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    Re:Character slots

    I love the 1 char approach. People cant hide behind alts, everyone is known for who they are and what they do, I never saw the logic behind 3 char slots in games like MO and DFO, it detracts from the game experience.

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    Re:Character slots

    Not to detract from what you said at all, but just so you know Darkfall has always only had 1 character slot per account.

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