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    Invalid Inventory Request upon deletion.

    So I still think this is a major bug right now in game, especially when dealing with one character slots.

    While the world populace was small I decided to make a Tailor as they can solo craft. Made tons of stuff and gave it out to whome ever wandered by, including TONS of thread that I traded away.

    Today I found a really nice Basketweaver. He offered to make me thread over time so I could follow my true passion Leather Craft.
    So I traded him stuff, armour, a knife, some scaved patterns I'd need in my next life.

    Then when I deleted my old toon, and made my new toon everything my old one ever made suddenly became bugged with the dreaded "Invalid Inventory Request"

    Mind you not just stuff I myself droped into baskets but stuff that was traded to other people. It all became un-moveable.

    I hurts to loose the patterns, had alost one of each teir. But what hurts even more is god knows how many players became bugged due to this.

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    Re:Invalid Inventory Request upon deletion.

    Now even the most basic items that could be droped before, Needles, Awls, starter tools become glitched...This is becoming really freaking annoying, a player atm cant play anything but a Weaver or Tailor...

    I mean I still dont get why a Leather crafter doesnt start with a needle..its not a rare tool like a ruler or leathercrafter tool, that are aquired by toolcrafters. It's the most basic tool in game and a leathercrafter cant make anything without one.

    Before, the starter tools were the only items that could be retrieved after a deletion so it was possible to work leather after finding a tailor, now that's not even possible....

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    Re:Invalid Inventory Request upon deletion.

    If you are missing a starter tool try asking on /h chat. A Guide may be able to help.

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    Re:Invalid Inventory Request upon deletion.

    Thx Paradox,
    I've tried a few times but last time I saw a guide chat ingame it was Celectial about 5 days ago. I'll keep trying though. If I can just find a needle and awl(starter tools that are needed but not given to LeatherCrafters) I'll be good to go. This then I cant even make the starter hats.

    Also if anyone else is having problems with any items I traded them, I THINK they can be deleted by drag droping then restarting, the items seem to only dissappear after restarting.

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    Re:Invalid Inventory Request upon deletion.

    We'll be looking into this more this weekend.

    Objects from a deleted character are simply supposed to clear permissions so that anyone can use them. I didn't set up this code though and apparently it's not correct.

    I'll take a break from my current tasks tomorrow or Sunday to make sure this gets corrected.

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    Re:Invalid Inventory Request upon deletion.

    Thx a ton Xsyon! Do you know if the fix will be backwards compattable? I've seen graveyards of abandoned bins full of Invalids.

    Btw I really like the new changes to skill gain and pattern learning. Takes a heck of a lot longer to skill up, which is good. And we no longer need a skill up to learn a new pattern, thus allowing us the ability to learn many more sets without risk of maxing skill points

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    Re:Invalid Inventory Request upon deletion.

    Do you know if the fix will be backwards compattable?
    I'm not sure. I'll have to check our server logs as to why exactly these are marked as invalid.

    Guides should be able to set permissions on these. If not, then the problem isn't in the deletion, but probably the inventory 'transaction' checking, in which case yes, the fix would make these objects valid again. I think!

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    Re:Invalid Inventory Request upon deletion.

    aye its the weird part, without seeing the programing i have no clue...
    I even tested the transfer from myself to another too a third player and it still came up invalid upon deletion.

    Somehow even after passing the item the original "IP", for a better use, is still tacked onto the item...
    thus even after several transfers, if said toon is deleted the bug still effects the item, no matter how many times its been trans'd.

    Ill test the guide part tonight and tomarrow..Celes has always been a trooper at guy I've seen ingame, except he love spawning Racoons on my arse heehe...

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