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    A couple of GUI issues

    Firstly, I run a 24" screen, so I have space either side of my main menu bar on the GUI. I would like to be able to use that space. If you look at the screenie below, I cant move the resources window to the bottom most corner on the right of screen.

    Second, I have issues with the display of menus being off screen or under other windows. This was an issue in RV, and is an issue here. If a fish is in the right most column of the inventory and you right click, the option to eat is mostly off screen, see screen below...

    Furthermore, if I have another window open to the left of my inventory, and highlight an item in my inventory, eg. a hammer, the text disappears under the window, as follows...

    We need to see the text highlights be always on top, and have text alternate to left of icon instead of going off screen. And please unlock the bottom of the screen so we can drag our windows there.

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    Re:A couple of GUI issues

    yup Kinslayer, I've mentioned one topic of your post two months ago here. Think this really should be adjusted someday.

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    Re:A couple of GUI issues

    It would also be nice to have transparency available to different windows (not just one slider for all). I often have a significant part of my screen covered with windows and those that are not active (mouse hovered over/in-use) would default to the selected transparency level. Would be nice to see that bear running towards me ;-)

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