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Thread: EXE crash

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    EXE crash

    Today I was walking while hiding....EXE crashed. keep getting EXE error when loading in entities. Removed game...reinstalled game... keep getting EXE error.

    EXE error happened to me yesterday when bin issues may have caused it....but removing and reinstalling Xsyon, fixed it.

    EDIT: update....tried logging in in....i think exe after reload may be from me changing sound and shadows before entering game for first time.

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    Re:EXE crash

    Hello Deacon,

    Reinstalling the game should not be a factor in fixing crashes. A crash can't affect the data files.

    You could be crashing because of some settings. To revert to the default settings you can delete files from the Xsyon/Save directory. There's no need to go through the hassle of reinstalling.

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    Re:EXE crash

    deleting the save directory does allow me to get back in game...but if i change load my hot bar...turn off music...turn of essence, creating a new save login will crash at loading entities with exe error again.

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    Re:EXE crash

    Can you determine exactly what change is causing the crash?

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    Re:EXE crash

    I PMed him tell him to email me so I can take a look at the file and compare it to mine. Maybe something in it is getting corrupt.

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