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    GDI - Global Dominion Initiative

    Angelus' Journal - February 21st, 2012.

    I don't know why i am writing as i am unsure weather any one shall ever read these words, but writing down my thoughts sooths me and helps me cope with what is happening around me.

    My name is Angelus Dageun, my father was Altair Dageun director of the American National Monetary Institute. My father was one of those people who walked around in expensive suits, usually with a fat cigar in their mouths and an entourage of assistants following their every step. He had worked hard to get to where he was, most people assumed that he had successfully conquered all of his ambitions. He was wealthy, powerful and with an elaborate network of associates who all wanted nothing more then to stay in his favourable grace.

    But they were mistaken, for my father had a secret ambition that no one knew about. Altair Dageun was a high ranking member of the Shadow Council. A group of wealthy bankers and corporate fat-cats all working towards one ultimate goal - to unite the world in a single body government, a global nationality.

    Popular to contrary belief, these men did not work towards this objective to become rich and powerful... They became rich and powerful to help them achieve this objective. Alas, the world was not ready for a one world government. People held too tightly on to their nationality, and every government wanted to be on top.

    On January 1st 2012 fear and panic gripped the world as an actual cataclysm rocked the foundations of the earth. To my knowledge, all of the major cities were wiped off the face of the earth and the majority of the human race had their spark extinguished.

    I survived, i don't know how - i don't even clearly know what happened. My father was among the fallen, but his legacy had not died with him for i spent most of my years in my father's shadow and i intend to make his dream a reality. The apocalypse is at hand, a clean slate for us to build ourselves up - This time as a unified nation.. I will not fail...


    Hello all, the above is a slight representation of the tribal entity that i am very interested in starting. It is not off the ground as of yet, and will most likely not be officially founded until Year Zero. I am writing here to basically raise awareness in hopes of finding a few like minded individuals who may be interested in undertaking this sort of project with me, as this is no one-man task.

    The project is a pretty blank canvas as of yet, i intend it to be multi-faceted with a slight inclination towards military campaigns. Politics will play a major role in how the GDI achieve their goals since i think a "join us or die" approach will swiftly send us packing. The tribe will be neutral as we believe we are improving the world and in some ways we might be but in other ways we might do certain things that might be classified as ruthless and tyrannical.

    I am also working on implementing a religion into the concept, but its a bit tricky to integrate a mythological diety into a modern day influenced organization.

    So on a final note, anyone interested in participating can contact me through PM and we'll have a chat.

    Nay-sayers and trolls please stay out of this thread.

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    Re:GDI - Global Dominion Initiative

    This gonna be a roleplay tribe? kinda looking around for a freshly new tribe since i am new to this all and been doing everything solo so far.

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    Re:GDI - Global Dominion Initiative

    Yes, this will most likely be a roleplaying tribe.

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    Re:GDI - Global Dominion Initiative

    The founding of GDI shall prove difficult in the initial steps due to lack of technology, weapons and materials. It is therefor that the progress of the organization shall be split and recorded into special phases, each representing one step towards the GDI vision.

    Alpha Phase - Genesis

    The alpha phase or Genesis as some may choose to call it will consist of mainly building up numbers and establishing a steady flow of materials and goods into the organization.

    Beta Phase - Progression

    The beta phase will be the first sign of an actual GDI hierarchy and divisions. It is here that we take our first step from being a nomadic tribe towards becoming an actual organization.

    Phase Requirements

    [li]20 Members.[/li]
    [li]Tribal grounds settled.[/li]

    Phase Features

    [li] Introduction of the GDI hierarchy.[/li]
    [li]Introduction of GDI divisions.[/li]

    Above is an example of the phase system that will be in place in GDI to provide an actual chart on the tribe's progress as well as forging something for members to look forward to and work for.

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    Re:GDI - Global Dominion Initiative

    Still seeking players who are interested in co-ordinating the launch of GDI with me as well as any who are just interested in joining.

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    Re:GDI - Global Dominion Initiative

    To the top!

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