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    Clothes not armor ?

    When looking at the "I", inventory, the paper doll, there are several slots for clothes, undergarments, whatnot on the left side. This is where the clothes you come into the game are located. Is there going to be or can there be recipes from a tailor or whomever to make just clothes that go on that side or is everything armor based after spawn?

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    Re: Clothes not armor ?

    Damn, I hope there will be clothes, and hopefully we can use dyes to color the clothing too.

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    Re: Clothes not armor ?

    To my knowledge there are items that go into those clothing slots already in the game. I.e. making you a new shirt.

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    Re: Clothes not armor ?

    There are a few 'clothing' items and there will be more soon (you'll be able to make the starting clothes but with different materials as well).

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