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    1st person view

    The 1st person view is too zoomed in. When in 1st person view, you should be able to see your arms when they are in front of you, like when you're swinging a weapon. Currently you cant, and 1st person is very uncomfortable to use.

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    Re: 1st person view

    Actually you do see your arms and hands depending on what you do but , no , you do not see your body when looking down. I have asked for this as well, because i love playing in first person. I think the Field of View (fov) should be much greater in first person. Signed

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    Re:1st person view

    But I have noticed that the FPS view is wrong in one way.

    It appears that the view is from behind your head. When standing you don't see your head.

    If you got into FPS view and then gather something. You will see what you are gathering in your view.

    This almost makes me think the view/position of the camera is incorrect.

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