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    Did I overlook the bird?

    Sitting here at work, And it hit me, I don't remember seeing any birds in the game. I know this is not a big thing, But did I overlook them? Or is there no birds?

    If I did not overlook them, Let me ask this.

    I know we will have yard birds[chickens], But
    Are we going to have any type of flying birds?
    If we do have flying birds, Will we be able to hunt them(provided that we have the right [technology]weapon), Or will it be something to look at in the sky?

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    Re:Did I overlook the bird?

    please Birds...Falcon...rare and very hard taming..

    Greetings Whorlok

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    Re:Did I overlook the bird?

    I can say that definitely we have some bird models done)). And as soon as Jordi have time he will add them). About falcon, I think in a few months after release we will strongly improve graphics and add more animals, birds and other models in game. About hunting, of course when we have guns/bows or hunting skill like noose placing we will be able to hunt birds and get some interesting stuff from them like rare feathers to decorate our armor parts.

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    Re:Did I overlook the bird?

    Aah, great. Birds flying around give a very authentic feeling ingame. Please then make sure their path is randomly enough I have tried some things with Unity and the birds there always have given a wonderful impression.

    Btw - I never have seen Kiwi flying around B)

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    Re:Did I overlook the bird?

    I would really, really, really love to see pterosaurs flying overhead.
    [img size=300][/img]

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    Re:Did I overlook the bird?

    in all MMO..i saw birds!...but this Birds fly looks likes a Hovercraft ..-->5 meter over the Ground ..

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    Re:Did I overlook the bird?

    sorry folks no birds atm...only the big four...

    Bear and Deer: BC - Bone Crafters use them mostly
    Raccoons and Coyotes: LC - Leather Crafters use them mostly

    though birds would be a good future addition as feathers are already ingame...most likely this would be an addition after year zero.

    LC I think is perfectly made...BC however seems like its a bit harsh on its early reqs.

    Where LC only reqs Coon or Yote after skill lvl 50 scemes, BC reqs it as early as 25.

    It still seems like a great you add animals you can add new sceme sets, flushing out pre lvls and adding future lvl sets.

    but im digressing, birds DO seem like a great new future addition...once we get houses...i was freezing out there last winter...hehe

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