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    This feels like a tease to me.

    Update October 17
    This update will include gathering more animal parts such as skulls, antlers, paws and claws and we're getting very close with construction.
    This feels like a tease to me, Does this "we're getting very close with construction." mean that it may be in the next update? Are did this just go over my head and I missed it :blush:

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    Re:This feels like a tease to me.

    Well it will not be in the next update. I did not read it being part of the update in his post. :P

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    Re:This feels like a tease to me.

    Next update will just be a patch with fixes and some small changes. Construction could be in by end of the week. No promises on that as we still need to test some things and it all depends on how we can handle the rest of our todo list this week.

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    Re:This feels like a tease to me. then Taming?..or a Horse?..the world is so big ...

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