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    Tribe numbers for beta

    Im just wondering if we can lower the number required to start a tribe and place a totem to 2 or 3 while in beta? Since most are off doing other things, as to avoid beta burnout in yet another beta (our guild is a bit beta'd out), and different timezones as well, getting 5 together at the same time is proving to be a bit of a challenge at current.

    I cant see this making a huge difference while we are just testing, what do you think, can it be done?

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    Re:Tribe numbers for beta

    They dont need to be online when you place the totem, so just invite them when they pop on for a minute and make the totem once you have 5.

    Another way you could do it is create the tribe then invite the first member, then get him/her to delete his char and make another then invite them etc. Deleting chars currently doesn't remove them from the tribe.

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    Re:Tribe numbers for beta

    How recent is this deleting characters not removing them from the tribe?
    I ask because an update was patched out about 3 days ago that was supposed to fix that.

    On that note, the tribe requirement number has already been scaled down from 10, that is planned for the beginning of prelude.

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    Re:Tribe numbers for beta

    Need to be 5 different ppl no matter if they're not online, but you cant do the invite/delete trick anymore.

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    Re:Tribe numbers for beta

    Ahh cool, I didnt realise they didnt need to be online. Thats cool then, thanks for the info

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    Re:Tribe numbers for beta

    Okay, so could someone explain to me how I add members to my tribe without them being online? It says I need to select a name, where do I do that if I havent met up with them in game?

    Is there a way I can type in their name?

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    Re:Tribe numbers for beta

    I think to invite them, you have to see them and select them...just like adding them to friends list...but to place the totem...only leader needs be on line at that time.

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    Re:Tribe numbers for beta

    Okay, thanks, thats what I thought, so my OP stands then... Can we by any chance reduce the number required to make a tribe/place totem to 2 for the time being?

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    Re:Tribe numbers for beta

    I can do this for the next patch, but I'll leave it like that for a short period of time only.

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    Re:Tribe numbers for beta

    Cool, thanks.

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