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    Prevent Macroing

    Hi folks,

    Ive used the search function but was not successful.
    With my unbelievable long experience in this game (5 hours B) )
    its seems to me that it will be a paradise for macroers.
    You can shortcut a lot of actions, windows pop up on the same spot.
    And no, i dont know how to macro from abusing it in games, I
    do automated software testing as a profession.

    Ok all peeps in this game are quite nice so far but we all know
    that there will be others sooner or later. I think some kind
    of Macro protection is really necessary.

    Imho Runescape did quite a good job there. (And god knows that
    runescape is the mother of all repetitive tasks)
    Randomly Runescape warped you to a variety of minigames which
    only a human could solve. Ok it would completely destroy the atmosphere to be warped somewhere in xsyon but let me explain how it may be suitable.

    1.You are sitting ingame while fishing. Then a message pops up.
    "you catched a big one. Try to hook it" Then a sequence of keys is displayed and you have to press them in the right order.
    If you do it correctly, you get the "big fish" if not then you are internally marked as "may be a bad macroer".

    2.Its winter and you are scavenging on the scrapyard. A message pops up. "Your hand are frozen. Get them warm". Same keyprocedure as mentioned above accompanied by an animation were you blow in your hands and a appropriate sound.

    Placing this dialog and the keys "somewhere" near the center not always in the same position will imho stop 95% of the usual macroers.

    And its enough if such a dialog will pop up randomly once every 12 ingamehours. Since if you fail once, its a strong hint that you are macroing. It could be discussed how often you can retry before you get the internal "bad marker".

    Best regards


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    Re: Prevent Macroing

    This will be a problem but better to fix after release lets remember that the game does need subs and like it or not macrowing will always be a problem.

    thats not to say its a bad thing though i remember a game that even implemented its own ingame macroing menues (rysom) i think and it worked out quite well for them.

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    Re:Prevent Macroing

    Never thought of macroing as a bad thing. Lot's of games set it up that you can not even raid right without them. It's bots that are bad, I'm not sure how people make them, maybe thats part of macroing. But macroing two or three actions to one key is not bad IMO.

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    Re:Prevent Macroing

    bot is total afk'ness from the player

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    Re:Prevent Macroing

    A bot would be if you set up a macro to pick up grass and drop it in a stock pile without you even being around. For more then one round of course.

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    Re:Prevent Macroing

    A bot, afaik, is a set of macros that is managed by a program that runs the macros in sequence.

    For example, I have a macro to pick up grass, drop those 4 on the ground and restart the cycle. It might be several macros, but managed by one program. I am no programmer but this is what it would look like in my mind;

    /gather grass
    /gather grass
    /gather grass
    /gather grass
    /drop grass

    It's a loop, so once it starts, it will run forever or grass runs out. You could add a line in there I guess to make the character move one space left or right if there was no grass:

    /gather grass
    /gather grass
    /gather grass
    /gather grass
    /drop grass

    Again, I am not a programmer, I'm sure that this is NO way accurate to real code but this is a representation of an example.

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    Re:Prevent Macroing

    This will be a problem but better to fix after release lets remember that the game does need subs
    I agree that there a more urgent issues. But its a thing to be kept in mind. I can almost hear the complains if a tribe is getting raped after one week from a bunch of makroing peeps with superior fighting skill. It not by chance that nearly every mmorpg deals in one way or the other with macroers. And its always better to prevent damage than to heal it.

    When i talk about macroing i dont talk about automatically doing some action in a specific order in a short period of time.
    Like in WOW. It just makes mikromanagement easier.
    Like dezgard mentioned. Its playing with totally being afk. You start the makro (bot) go to work,school or whatever you do all day long :cheer: . Come home and pat yourself on the shoulder that you reached fishingskill 100.

    A bot, afaik, is a set of macros that is managed by a program that runs the macros in sequence.

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    Re:Prevent Macroing

    a few things:

    scavenging and foraging require you to move to a new section with each search. This would mean that the macro would have to move further and further way from home to do his search.

    Obviously this isn't hard but there is the chance of coming up against a tree, an enemy. So, while it is possible it is dangerous.

    scavenging, as well as gathering I think, eventually remove that resource from that area. So, again while possible it could turn out to be a waste of time because you have been gathering nothing.

    Last but not least. If soemone's movements look repetative and they do not talk back when you talk to them they must be boting. Simple solution call out to a guide or dev using help channel and we will come "take care of him"

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    Re:Prevent Macroing

    hmmmm...I have a g15 keyboard, which I do repetative actions with...but I'm at the keyboard. anyone can talk to me and I've answered. I havent done anything that gives me an unfair advantage, as its just hiding and fishing. Hot bar allows this, as it makes some stuff one key hits. It's hard enough to get my tribe to even be interested in the game with the wipes...lets not make them totally turned off by it.

    I'm more worried that people will be terraforming to level combat skills as leveling is a breeze with terraforming.

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    Re:Prevent Macroing

    huh? terraforming increases combat?

    I'm sorry but personally if your turned off from a game because you have to do something moret hen click 1 button I'll show you the door to WoW.

    Wonder if there is a way to stop G15 etc keyboards, bet there is.

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